The Best Ways To Create Wonderful Chalk Illustrations With No Fuss And No Mess Every Time

If you think back upon your childhood years, you no doubt have a great deal of happy memories of many hours devoted to drawing and colouring in, for as a kid it is among our treasured leisure activities. We learn to express ourselves in a lot of ways at a budding age, and the exercise of revealing our imaginativeness by using artistry is splendid for a developing mind.

Among the primary products most of us use as young ones when drawing is chalk. Chalk helps us to develop lovely color creations easily, and to very quickly erase it to get going once again, which is so very important when attempting to keep kids amused!

As a mom however one of the important challenges when tots are creating and drawing is circumventing a mess. Holding on to your kid’s masterpiece on a blackboard and bypassing the task of having broken chalk and chalk powder on the flooring or wall surfaces, while dealing with every thing that a mom will have to do, is not simple!

One of the advantages of chalk is also one of its problems. It’s softness and ease of use leads to easy breakage. How many times as a mom have you needed to clear small-sized sections of smashed chalk, discovering that you have to spend yet more money to get new chalk for the kids, in order to stay clear of conflicts for the very last available portions?

Another pitfall of chalk is the way in which it fades & smudges when used. How frequently has your infant spent many hours and effort doing a fabulous sketch just to realize it has become smudged? Little ones generally may not be troubled, however if you have whiled away time working with them on creating a sketching, it is quite easy to glance at your effort and ask oneself where all the quality time disappeared to!

With the progress in science we have witnessed in most areas of our lifestyles, it may interest you to know that you can now make stunning chalk art drawings with exceptionally brilliant colors, and with no smudging or fading!

Wet Wipe Chalk Markers are unique marker pens which contain a state of the art pigment ink which, when it is dried, mimics the appeal and character of chalk. The terrific fact about wet wipe chalk markers also is that they are ‘water erasable’ meaning they will clean up without trouble with a damp cloth.

Wet Wipe Markers are not toxic, are xylene and acid free, and are safe for children from 3 years of age.

The very important fact to bear in mind with wet wipe markers is they must be used on a solid, non porous material. They are not suitable for chalk paint utilized on walls as paint is porous, however they are superb on quality blackboards, whiteboards, mirrors, car windows, metal or even ceramics! The ways in which you can use chalk pens are infinite.

They are very popular in today’s world given they are so multipurpose. They generate intense, vibrant color and are useful for bar staff designing specials boards, to mums working with a black board as a message board, to school teachers, to little Picasso’s in development!

You will want to be wary when buying liquid chalk markers. Like a lot of things in life, there are different levels of quality. Try to find a sought-after brand on sites such as Amazon, and look to pay around $25-$30 for top quality liquid chalk markers.

Inexpensive markers will not generate brilliant colors, will give out quickly as the ink is thin, and also given this reality will not offer strong coverage as will the better quality brands.

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