How to Remove Dry Erase Marker Stains From Clothing

1Dry eraser markers and boards are great. They have many benefits over an old fashion chalk board. Dry erase markers come in a rainbow of colors. One of the biggest benefits is no chalk dust dirtying up the whole room. However the one big down fall of dry erase markers over chalk is that if you get it on your clothing it does not come off as simply as chalk dust.

Dry erase marker is removable. It just is not easy to remove. Here is one method for dry eraser stain removal that works.

Items that you will need:
An old clean absorbent towel that can get stained
Murphy’s Oil Soap
A small soft brush, a toothbrush can work
Paper towels
Dawn dish washing liquid
Clean sponge

Place the old towel folded up on a hard surface like a table or kitchen counter. Place the piece of clothing with the stain side down on the towel. Dip your little brush into the Oil Soap begin to rub the soap on the back side of the stain. It is very important to rub only where the stain is or you will enlarge it to more of the clothing.

Your brush needs to stay very wet with the soap and you need to by moving the stain to dry parts of the towel. If things are working correctly the oil soap will be loosening the stain and transferring it to the old towel.

Continue repeating with the oil soap and the towel until you can no longer see the dry erase mark on your garment. When you think you have all the mark off blot your spot the paper towel to see if any color still remains. If your paper towel just has an oil soap spot and no color you are ready to move to the next step.

In this step you need to remove the oil soap mark. This is what you need the Dawn dish washing liquid and the clean sponge for. Get your sponge damp and add the dish washing liquid directly to the sponge and rub it until it is good and sudsy.

Rub the spot on both the stain side of the fabric and the back side of the fabric. Keep the suds contained to the spot area and not into a bigger mark.

Using a clean part of your absorbent towel continue to blot the spot to pick up any remaining stain and to keep from making the mark grow.

Rinse the sponge and repeat until you are sure the stain is gone. Then launder as normal.

Removing dry erase marker stain has no easy solution. This one works the majority of the time the secret is using the dry absorbent towel underneath the stain to keep it contained and to take up the oil and soap rather than having the surrounding fabric of your clothes receive it.

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