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Chalkboard Markers and Your Family
Looking for something fun and creative to do with your son or daughter? Consider a few weekend projects with chalk pens. They will change your life and add heaps of fun to your time together. Chalk pens are so much fun and simple to use.
Liquid chalk markers are special paint pens which contain a water-based ink. This ink, when dried, has the same look and feel of standard chalk. Liquid chalk markers make it simpler and a lot more fun to create works of art, and the fact that they’ll wash away with little difficulty makes them the ideal chalk marker to use..
Chalkboard markers are perfect for living your life in color with chalk art, and can also be used for home computer screens, notebook screens, windows, mirrors, glass, and ceramic tiles.
Ensure the chalk markers you use are non-toxic, which means they can be used safely by little ones over the age of 3 years, and they are then environmentally friendly.
Look around your home – a full-length mirror is a great place to start. Have a blast writing each family member’s name in different colors. Write them in a cursive font, or use block letters to be as creative as you can be. You can even use a different color for each letter.
There are tons of different fonts that can be found on the internet. Find one that each member of the family enjoys. Print them out and practice writing it. Stick the paper to the other side of a window or glass door and copy over the script.
Next stop is the kitchen. Use the fridge as your canvas. Plant a flower garden and have everyone draw the flower of their choice. Next week, have each person draw their favorite food, number one dessert, favorite drink, favorite vegetable and favorite fruit. The list is endless. Activate your family’s imagination and use chalk pens as their guide.
Buy the big paper that is used for conferences and meetings. Some of them come with sticky backs at the top. Have an art exhibition with your children. Every day for a week have them produce pictures of their world, life at school, fun with friends and more. Put their pictures around your home and the next time friends and family visit put them on display.
Window boxes are another canvas for artwork. Buy everyone their own flower pot to jazz up. Plant their favorite greenery in it and place it for all to see. Urge them to be creative and non judgmental. Everyone’s art is stunning; everyone’s art is good.
Allow Chalk Pens to add a new aspect to your connection with the children in your life. Live your life in color and help the children you know and love to live their life in color also.
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Bistro Chalkboards for Decor and Display

2Bistro chalkboards are a very useful thing to have for your eatery, no matter how big or small. Or, you may just want one to add appeal inside your home, or to use for another reason in your business, even if is not a restaurant. Regardless of the reason you would want one, there are so many different ones to choose from.

From brands, to shapes to size and design, you will have no problems finding a great deal of selection for this style of chalkboard.

What are Bistro Chalkboards?

Chalkboards like this are, often times, also referred to as bistro mats or French Bistro mats. The purpose is to write out messages, like you would on a chalkboard. These are most commonly used to write out an entire menu or the specials for the day. You may also be planning to use it one just to draw attention to your business or hanging it in the interior, to create a certain look.

Though originally more of a traditional chalkboard that stood outside like a sandwich board, there are different varieties, nowadays. You can find mats or boards like this that are very wide in their range. People often use light boards, as another style. You can use chalk, chalk markers and certain types of other markers to write out your message.

Why Use These Bistro Mats?

There are numerous reasons one might use a bistro chalkboard in their home or business. Most commonly, you could write out the menu or specials and help attract customers from outside. The reason a chalkboard is ideal, is that you can change the menu, specials or overall message. Of course, this can be a useful tool for any type of business that wants to convey a message, sale or daily specials to customers. It is a very popular method for bringing in people off the street.

Some people, though, like to use these inside and establishment, as well. You can still make customers or diners aware of what you have to offer, by using a bistro mat. You can also give a price list for wines or bring attention to a sale area, if used in an establishment other than a restaurant.

If you are going for a French or French bistro look inside your home, you could simply use one of these chalkboards to make shopping lists or write out messages to other members of your family.

What About the Look?

These boards or bistro mats can be elaborate or less ornate. Some are plain, for you to fill the space completely, or include lettering and detailing to create a French bistro look. You may find them in different sizes, or in shapes like rectangles, ovals or half circles. Look at some bistro chalkboards and you can include one or more in your business, today.

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From Craig Thornburrow – A writer, small business owner and big fan of Chalkboards, read more here:

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How to Remove Dry Erase Marker Stains From Clothing

1Dry eraser markers and boards are great. They have many benefits over an old fashion chalk board. Dry erase markers come in a rainbow of colors. One of the biggest benefits is no chalk dust dirtying up the whole room. However the one big down fall of dry erase markers over chalk is that if you get it on your clothing it does not come off as simply as chalk dust.

Dry erase marker is removable. It just is not easy to remove. Here is one method for dry eraser stain removal that works.

Items that you will need:
An old clean absorbent towel that can get stained
Murphy’s Oil Soap
A small soft brush, a toothbrush can work
Paper towels
Dawn dish washing liquid
Clean sponge

Place the old towel folded up on a hard surface like a table or kitchen counter. Place the piece of clothing with the stain side down on the towel. Dip your little brush into the Oil Soap begin to rub the soap on the back side of the stain. It is very important to rub only where the stain is or you will enlarge it to more of the clothing.

Your brush needs to stay very wet with the soap and you need to by moving the stain to dry parts of the towel. If things are working correctly the oil soap will be loosening the stain and transferring it to the old towel.

Continue repeating with the oil soap and the towel until you can no longer see the dry erase mark on your garment. When you think you have all the mark off blot your spot the paper towel to see if any color still remains. If your paper towel just has an oil soap spot and no color you are ready to move to the next step.

In this step you need to remove the oil soap mark. This is what you need the Dawn dish washing liquid and the clean sponge for. Get your sponge damp and add the dish washing liquid directly to the sponge and rub it until it is good and sudsy.

Rub the spot on both the stain side of the fabric and the back side of the fabric. Keep the suds contained to the spot area and not into a bigger mark.

Using a clean part of your absorbent towel continue to blot the spot to pick up any remaining stain and to keep from making the mark grow.

Rinse the sponge and repeat until you are sure the stain is gone. Then launder as normal.

Removing dry erase marker stain has no easy solution. This one works the majority of the time the secret is using the dry absorbent towel underneath the stain to keep it contained and to take up the oil and soap rather than having the surrounding fabric of your clothes receive it.

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The Best Ways To Create Wonderful Chalk Illustrations With No Fuss And No Mess Every Time

If you think back upon your childhood years, you no doubt have a great deal of happy memories of many hours devoted to drawing and colouring in, for as a kid it is among our treasured leisure activities. We learn to express ourselves in a lot of ways at a budding age, and the exercise of revealing our imaginativeness by using artistry is splendid for a developing mind.

Among the primary products most of us use as young ones when drawing is chalk. Chalk helps us to develop lovely color creations easily, and to very quickly erase it to get going once again, which is so very important when attempting to keep kids amused!

As a mom however one of the important challenges when tots are creating and drawing is circumventing a mess. Holding on to your kid’s masterpiece on a blackboard and bypassing the task of having broken chalk and chalk powder on the flooring or wall surfaces, while dealing with every thing that a mom will have to do, is not simple!

One of the advantages of chalk is also one of its problems. It’s softness and ease of use leads to easy breakage. How many times as a mom have you needed to clear small-sized sections of smashed chalk, discovering that you have to spend yet more money to get new chalk for the kids, in order to stay clear of conflicts for the very last available portions?

Another pitfall of chalk is the way in which it fades & smudges when used. How frequently has your infant spent many hours and effort doing a fabulous sketch just to realize it has become smudged? Little ones generally may not be troubled, however if you have whiled away time working with them on creating a sketching, it is quite easy to glance at your effort and ask oneself where all the quality time disappeared to!

With the progress in science we have witnessed in most areas of our lifestyles, it may interest you to know that you can now make stunning chalk art drawings with exceptionally brilliant colors, and with no smudging or fading!

Wet Wipe Chalk Markers are unique marker pens which contain a state of the art pigment ink which, when it is dried, mimics the appeal and character of chalk. The terrific fact about wet wipe chalk markers also is that they are ‘water erasable’ meaning they will clean up without trouble with a damp cloth.

Wet Wipe Markers are not toxic, are xylene and acid free, and are safe for children from 3 years of age.

The very important fact to bear in mind with wet wipe markers is they must be used on a solid, non porous material. They are not suitable for chalk paint utilized on walls as paint is porous, however they are superb on quality blackboards, whiteboards, mirrors, car windows, metal or even ceramics! The ways in which you can use chalk pens are infinite.

They are very popular in today’s world given they are so multipurpose. They generate intense, vibrant color and are useful for bar staff designing specials boards, to mums working with a black board as a message board, to school teachers, to little Picasso’s in development!

You will want to be wary when buying liquid chalk markers. Like a lot of things in life, there are different levels of quality. Try to find a sought-after brand on sites such as Amazon, and look to pay around $25-$30 for top quality liquid chalk markers.

Inexpensive markers will not generate brilliant colors, will give out quickly as the ink is thin, and also given this reality will not offer strong coverage as will the better quality brands.

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